Having Courage

The donkey story

Here we have the story of this poor old donkey.

He fell into his owners well.

He could not get out as the drop was just too far.

The owner finally came along and looked down at the pitiful animal and made an immediate decision.

"This donkey is very old - it will simply not be cost effective to hoist him out of there - I will ask some of my friends to help me to fill in the well with the donkey in it"!

He called a number of his friends to join him at the spot and they began to shovel earth onto the poor donkey. As the dirt fell onto his back and fell down by his sides and filled his eyes - he began to panic. The old donkey began to scramble pressing the earth under his feet as he did so the earth became compacted.

Miraculously the donkey began to rise up above the earth. The farmers furiously shovelled more earth onto his back but the old boy just kept on shuffling and kicking under compressing and compacting the earth under his body and feet. He just kept rising the harder they shovelled and the harder he fought.... until magically he stepped out of the top of the well and trotted off into the meadow...

The farmers scratched their heads and bemused all started laughing and chortling.

Because of his tenacity and courage the owner fell head over heels in love with the old boy. He have him pride of place in his farm. No more work for him - he would be out to pasture with the best food and best treatment. The farmer learned a serious lesson that day and so should we.

Life will throw some real curve balls at us - it will feel as though the earth is simply being poured over our heads to near suffocation point. But as we learn from this old donkey - if we keep pressing on towards our goal we will come out on top safe and sound.

In a world fraught with danger at every turn - we need to turn to a creator and Father who will always show us the way out of our troubles. He will never let you down and will give you everything you need to sustain you through what may well be some of the darkest times.

Thanks be to God that we have His Son Jesus Christ who was sent to save us from ourselves and who has left us with God The Holy Spirit to guard over us until our final day comes when we walk in Zion with our maker.

Remember he counts every hair on your head.

God Bless

Mark Hobbs

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