Current Prayer Requests

We will be praying for the following people during our next lecture.

Let us pray for:


A dear friend of mine STUART whom I’ve known for over 30 years is an only child who now has a wife and 2 young children.
Well he’s just found out about a month ago that his dad MIKE has terminal cancer and obviously STUART is beside himself trying to keep strong for his 2 boys, his mum Sue, and of course not to get to upset in front of his dad.
I’ve known Mick and sue for the same amount of years I’ve known Stuart, and Mick is one of the nicest, funniest, kindest men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
Now I know I can’t be there in person and give Stuart personal support but I can be there in prayer, to make mick’s final journey when it happens to be as pain free as possible.
I just ask to go on the prayer list so we can pray for my dear friend his family and his father mick.

Martin Lee

Martin needs the support of our Jesus to look after him in his time of need. We know that He will prevail and that He has the power to cure - we ask in His Holy name for good health.

Josephine Lee

Our prayers are sought for Jose for the problems that she is experiencing with her health.
We send up prayers of hope to our Jesus and prayers to cure.

Richie Natasha Vanessa

To find their creator

Natasha and baby Edward deen Walker

Lord for their safety and for the baby to be born free into the world.

For Tony himself

A prayer from himself for all of us to pray for him

Pat and peter

Tony loves them


tony loves him


Tony loves her


Tony loves him


Tony loves her


Tony loves him


Tony loves her


Tony loves her


Tony loves her


Tony loves him


Tony loves her


Tony loves him


Tony loves her

Shane Fox

Shane is commencing a major fight in relation to his health - we ask Jesus to stand with him in this fight.

Laura Jane Williams

I just dont know what to do anymore. Im being psychically attacked and I really need as many prayers as possible. I have no way to stop it and Ive tried so many things and its not helped in any way. Im being telepathically attacked, attacked in my sleep and have so much evil energy directed at me constantly. Im not a bad person and I know I dont deserve this at all. Theyre trying to get to me in so many different ways. I think theyve cursed me a lot too but I dont have the money to remove it at the moment. I can feel it in my neck at the moment and I just want peace, love and happiness in both the material world and in the spiritual realms. Ive tried prayers, meditation, calling on light beings but to no avail. I feel like my situation is impossible at the moment and just want to cry. I wish as much love, peace, happiness and joy to you all as possible.

All my love,


The people of London

Ive just heard of the terrorist attacks in London and I just want to pray for the dead and the injured. Please pray for the speedy recovery of the injured and that the departed are safe in Gods arms. Peace, love and compassion be with you all.


Tracy Henham

My friend Tracy has Post Traumatic STress Disorder, and I really feel for her as Ive had it myself. Its a horrible thing to go through and I would be very grateful if as many people as possible would pray for her please. I have no idea how I got through it and I just know she will too. Please do all that you can. Thanks. Peace and love on you all.


Laura Williams

Im undergoing severe psychic attack and theyre using a myriad of ways to try and get to me, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Theyre attacking me via black magic/telepathically/voodoo/curses and anything else they can get their hands on. Theyre trying to play with my mind telepathically. Its pure evil and it would be amazing if in the prayer you could ask God, Jesus and the Archangels to stop the attack, repair my aura and send me love, strength, determination, fierceness to thrive, prevail and to also send healing energy please. Peace be with all. Thanks so much!

Hazel Small

My friend really needs as many people to pray for her as possible. She has back problems and may opt for surgery. Please pray that her back be fully healed and that she can lead a normal life again. Thank you so much. Peace be with you all.

Peter Weaver

Peter Weaver has cancer of the bladder, and is under going hospital treatment. Thank you and God bless to all.

My friend James Edgar

My friend James Edgar is an ex work colleague of mine and lives part time in the UK and part time in the Philippines. Recently whilst in the Philippines he had a bad motorcycle accident and broke his leg, he was told he can have an operation or risk losing the leg. At the moment hes opted not to have the operation but just to rest up and hope it heals by itself. I would just like an ongoing prayer for a speedy and full recovery and hopefully his leg heals properly,
Thank you for your prayers
Mark Anderson

Rab, Janey, Jerry, Brian, Anne, Rachel

Harris Xola nyagblodzro

Hello and greetings,

These colleagues of mine by names :

Alberta Afriyie
Sylvia Emmanuella Dollah

are using means to get rid of me at work (a financial company named FIDO MONEY LENDING LTD. in Accra-Ghana. )

Please, help me with your prayers.

Yours in Christ,
Harris Xola,

Michael Dear

I pray to Almighty God for freedom from The Black Dog that plagues his life. I pray for freedom form this darkness and ask for the light of Jesus Christ to come into his life.


Please pray for healing from this painful crippling atuo immunne disease rhumatoid arthritis.pray for this pain an inflamation to leave my joints and body.pray that my immunne system stops attacking me please i need it to stop sending anti bodys out to attack my joints an tisue.pray for a new immunne system.pray that my crp and esr levels return to normal and for all my blood results to return to normal.pray for my hands and sholders the damage an pain is too much to bear.oh how i need to be free from this pain an disability.God bless deirdre parry

Johns mum and dad

We ask that you cover their lives with your love. That there is a clear direction for their lives and that they know you are with them. And for John as he nurses them and helps them - keep him strong and steadfast.

Tracie Sharkey

Father God, this lady has a lot going on in her personal life. I pray that she can find strength and that maybe she can find you Father God and that her problems may become easier for her.

I pray this in Jesus Holy name


Serda Kurt

Please pray for me and my family. My brother has brain injury, my mother just got cancer and my father is also not well. I am totally on my own taking care of three ill people. I also lost my job. I am in an extremely difficult situation, only a miracle from God can help, please pray for a miracle.

God bless you,


Sandeep Kakkeri

It has been more than year that Sandeep is back to India , but he is not able to find himself a decent job with decent pay. I need your prayers so Lord will bless him with his struggle to find a job to fulfil him professionally n financially. Somedays situations are very stressful and scary. He is a good worker who just needs a break.
Thank you.

My husband

I love my husband

John and Tosca

John passed away peacefully last week after a long battle against emphysema and lung cancer, he showed great strength and courage with the illness. Pray for his wife Tosca who cared for him and will need time to grieve. Pray that she has the support of her friends and family.

Me mavis , my sister & all in hospital

I have been ill for 3 month not sure yet whats wrong ruling out cancer , my sister depressed my dad is in hospital for the passed six weeks, but getting better I have seen so many sick in hospital .I would like a prayer for healing in Jesus name

deliverance for allyson

Please pray for allyson lewis-bailie for deliverance from demons and the devil as she has been possessed for 11 years. Ask God to intervene and deliver and bring salvation for allyson.

Barry Butler

Heart disease and kidney failure: he continues his struggle

Joyce PAge

Hip Replacement on Friday 21st October and needs to recuperate

Clare OBrien

This lady is the sister in law of one of our new IFAs. Clare has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain tumour. She has beaten it before but it has come back and she has been given 12 months to live. She has a young family. Father God, please if it is your will, cure this lady of this terrible disease. I ask this prayer not because I am worthy, and in Jesus Holy name. Amen

Christine Heald

Please could you pray for Christine Heald as she is very ill . Thank you.

Healing, Gods protection and love.

because I am unwell and in hospital. Because I Want God to protect me and my love ones from anything or anyone who wishes any harm to us. Keep us safe.


you have all been praying for the health of my daughters unborn baby ,God has answered so far that it is not downs syndrome and she has not miscarried.
Please if possible pray for a healthy pregnancy for the remaining months and a good labour , Thank you so much for your prayers.

Kym Hazard

She is suffering from ill health and needs our prayers - loving Father hear our prayer.


she is dying of cancer and needs our prayers to wrap her up in Jesus as her Saviour - please cure her Lord


Rab is suffering with a terrible illness and we pray for two things....for the treatment to be given and for the treatment to work


Violet has had 15 misscarrages and is pregnant again this time there is a heart beat but again it looks like it might end in grief. Please ask the Lord that this pregnacy will end with a longer for child
Thank you

Roger, Joanne, Paul and all families

Father God. My prayer is for the families of Lynn who suddenly passed away on Sunday. They are all devastated and shocked. I pray for them all that they may find peace at this very sad time as they come to terms with this loss.

I ask this in Jesus Holy name.


My siste Mandy,Ianto and children

They are so strong but the pain of cancer is breaking them up, the extended family need their strength and more to get them though this heartbreaking time.

Freddie Leggett

Freddie is an old work colleague of mine from years ago. He always treats people in a professional manner. I found out this week via has daughter Leanne. That freddie has early stages of cancer and this week he is starting keno.
Freddie is a loving Husband, father, Granddad, uncle, & Brother.
Can we please pray for Leanne & Steven (kids) and the rest of his family for a speedy recovery and to keep them all strong during this time.


Father God,
Grace is the sister of Kate. She is having some health issues.

I pray that this lady is healed of her problems and that Kate can find peace with the knowledge of you in her life.

I ask this in Jesus Holy name



His mother has Stage 4 Kidney cancer disease - we pray for your intervention Lord. Amen

Phil Baggley

Dear Father God

I would like us to pray for Phil. He has found out that both his Brother in Laws are ill and he is also not well himself. I pray that a miracle can happen to him and his family and that he can remain strong and beat the illness that he has, with you in his life.
I ask this prayer in Jesus Holy name. Amen

My family and friends

My family are divided and my friends need Jesus..........Testimonys on the good works that JESUS is doing.....God bless xx

Peter Brown and family

Sadly Pete was very troubled and he took his own life two weeks ago aged 58. These prays are for his family and friends.

My finances

I invested my savings in the stock market at a vulnerable time in my life. l was looking after my mother who had cancer and eventually died.

The money is being looked after by an investment manager but l do not know if they have been honest with me as l have not seen any money come in.

l would like you to pray that the lord deals with the situation for me.

My children Ryan and Laura

I have been praying for their salvation for years please pray for them rhey are 27 and 29 now

Kathryn and Kelvin

these people were recently homeless and it appears a small miracle has happened. We trust that Lord you will help these people to get back on their feet and help them to a life free from anxiety and fear.

Anne Curruthers

She is suffering with depression Lord. For one so young this does not seem fair. Lord please answer our prayer for her life to be full of light and joy - for one so long she should be happy - please Lord make it your will for this to be done.


dear pastor
i would like to thank you for the word and all the recordings,
it is been so long blessing for me and my family,
on the behalf of my family i would like to thank you so much
about me
i am a 25 years old young pastor to a church with 50 members in countryside,
our church is poor but rich in heart,
trying to reach out neighbouring villages
pray for us and for our financial expanses, so that we reach out our goal and win the souls for kingdom of God.
thank you
fellow Brother in Christ


She is suffering from terminal cancer. Her youngest is only seven years old.

Sarah Band

We pray that the tumour found is never going to be a problem in any way to Sarahs health or well being. We also pray that he trip to Uganda that is planned is successful and safe.
As always we place our people into your hands and you will is going to be done.

My sisters

I would like the bond that we once had to return and all enmity or misunderstanding be put to nought, in Jesus name.

marie grace

Please pray for God to bring in the angelic support we need, especially so that we can safely sleep. The battle around us remains fierce and we remain in prayer day and night.

Your angels fight for me in the heavens against principalities and powers in the name of Jesus (Dan 10:13)

Romans 16:20 And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under my feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us.

Thank you
God bless
Marie Grace

Dappy and Grant

These two young men appear to be at their last ebb - homeless in the city of Bath. Father and living Lord we ask for an answer to their situation that they may be free from the tyranny of street life and live to have a bright future.


I am seeking Gods favor as I ask United Methodist to pray the Lords Prayer at noon in behalf of General Conference in May.

I need healing of the flow of blood from my heart from 38 to 50. Thank you.

autistic folk



Joan is suffering and battling with cancer. There are infections that keep setting in. We plead with you our Loving Lord for intervention if it is Your great Will. In Jesus Holy name Amen.


Dear Team

Please pray for Kylie who is living in severe pain and addicted to her medication. Kylie is only early 30s and trapped in bed unable to care for herself.

Pray for Gods mercy, grace and deep healing over Kylies pain and for all addiction to break.

Thank you very much

Marie Grace

PS Could you please pray for Gods angelic army to surround us and protect us over the whole of the Festive season. Pray for a deep blood of Jesus covering over us and everything on this property that belongs to us. We need urgent provision. Thank you and God bless you all. May you have a wonderful happy festive season 2015-2106 I am deeply grateful for your prayer for us Been a very difficult year for everyone associated with us.

Marie Grace


Over a year ago I was violated by a married american couple, celebrities no less, there seems to be so much of it going on nowadays. But their attack was so cunning and clever they made sure I would have no evidence or proof to tie them to the attack or connect them to me in any way obviously it was premeditated. Since then I have suffered enormously, I have been diagnosed with PTSD I lost my job, my finances have been severly impacted and Im soon to lose my home, this is what and how they have affected me. I cant get legal justice for lack of any evidence which is why it hurts even more, but please can you pray for me that God ensures I receive Divine Justice not vengeance or revenge for the harm, pain and damage they have caused me. I never hurt a hair on their heads ever, I spent many occasions praying for their protection and success before they attacked me, please pray for me I am feeling so very unresolved and very, very down. Thank you.

april, mya and sophia and amy

We need prayers for continuous healing in mind, body and spirit and deliverance from evil practices. please keep us in your prayers this month. May God bless you always and Merry Christmas to all....


I am a special needs teacher and because of my students needs. I have 6 adults teaching assistants supporting me and students within the class. Praise God three of those adults are professional and very supportive and I lean heavily on them. The remaining three are gossipy and maligning. continuously and intentionally impede and or disrupt the class are not child centred and the students care have at times been compromised also they are not supportive of the rest of team. The Headteacher is aware of this and have identified two people to transfer out of the class one is a lady who is so lovely and caring who supports the children and who I depend on a lot but the ringleader of troublemakers will stay in the class. This makes no sense to me and I am so heavy hearted they know I am a believer in Jesus Christ so I see this as an attack from Satan. I am fasting and praying as this is the only thing left for me to do. I need a miracle please pray the troublemakers go from the class and the good people stay. In Jesus name.

April and Amy Ledesma

For guidance and protection in our daily lives and work settings and healing in mind, body and spirit for us and our immediate and distant loved ones. Also, deliverance from harassment attack.
May God bless you always for taking the time praying for people like us.


mark, simi, david and joshua

dear pastor Mark and people - i do listen to the sermons with great eagerness. and it helps to prop myself up immensely. i was dumped out of my busienss almost two years ago, and have not been able to establish a clear line of work so far, even though there have been many many areas i have worked upon, all of them have collapsed at the last moment and have not been abel to sustain my self well. i have now raked up debts of over 100,000 dollars, and things are at a standstill, i do work very hard at the opporutnities we get but things dont seem to just come through. it is as if there is a curse on us. we have been survigin on the kind heartness of some godly people, who have propped us up. it has coem to a stage when we have many opproutntis but all close themeoment we work on it, and it is a strage thing.. do keep us in our prayer, we have been jointly praying and fasting over this. and we know for sure the end is near and god has excellent plans for us. do keep us in our prayers.

John McCarthy

Brothers and Sisters in Christ I bring to your attention Our brother John. Father God we ask that he be strong in his faith - that he be strong and trust in God for wisdom and guidance. We ask that his illness is cured not because we are worthy in any way but because of our love for your Son Jesus Christ.
Bless John and keep all the days of his life Amen.

Penny Frodsham

Penny has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer after being misdiagnosed originally, being told it was benign. She is now going to undergo a mastectomy.

Please pray for Penny that she makes a full recovery from this terrible ordeal she is going through.

We ask this in Jesus Holy name - Amen

Frank and Margaret

Please pray for Frank and Margaret so that their marriage will be restored and to a a healthy relationship. Please pray as one of them is facing the possibility of homelessness as a result of the separation.

Ted and Dorothy

Lord please bless this couple with e rekindled intimate relationship and marriage.

Julie Hudson

Simon Hudson is very concerned for the well being of his sister Julie. He would like her to find herself.
He would like her to find meaningful employment.
He would ask that The Lord allows her to enjoy her life.

For Yvonne

Father we thank you for intervening in Yvonnes life. We give great thanks for the change in her circumstances but we do pray for continuing blessings

Taffy. - Peter

Now Peter has been so blessed by you Father, we ask that you continue to bless him and assist him as he progresses in his career.

Karen Kenworthy

Father God this lady is so tormented and in so much need of your love. Please Father send your strongest angel to intervene in this distructive circle that we see on a day to day basis. Please Lord strengthen the family to look after her as she needs us all. God be with her and keep her in the name of Jesus. Amen


It was lovely to chat with you, please pray for me as it is a constant battle for me to keep lifted up, and fight depression and low mood.I have suffered for years and at times it is very hard. I have a heart for those who suffer in this life and was a carer in the community since 1994 until 2012 whereby I was signed off from work.
Originally I was a freelance window-dresser,however I knew it was Gods will for me to serve others especially those who are elderly and in pain and suffering.
At the moment I am on a work placement at a care agency as I want to work in the office. It is a nice place to work and everyone is very helpful and kind.
I know in my heart that Jesus is my Lord & Saviour, but the church that I have known and seen has been disgraceful. I am very disillusioned with main stream church, and pray that vunerable people will only find the love they seek, and the mercy compassion and understanding that is Jesus our dear Lord.
I meet once a week with my friend Chris, we do our crafts, have a nice dessert/coffee then read the bible and pray. We are spirit led so it is a Blessed time.
Anyway thankyou again,

Yours in Jesus Pauline x

Grace Children Care Society - Rama Krishna

We are working amongst street children and HIV positive children in India.

Our Church family in Ramanagar India

To build them up in His service.

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