1. John F Smith

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to inform you how much I have enjoyed your recent service. I feel rejuvenated and at peace. I have had a struggle with a few issues over the past month or so and have had difficulty in focusing on our Lord (I can't explain it - I feel that the devil must be trying hard to break my connection with God - but he is doomed to fail).

    That sermon was meant for me. God is great.

    I absolutely love the 'Weapon of Mass Instruction'! It is such a powerful description of the love of God at this current time.

    I had planned to read one of my self-help books over the Christmas period, this has been shelved and I will start with the Gospel according to John.

    I appreciate the time and effort you and John put into these services, the Holy Spirit is strong in both of you and I feel privileged to be able to hear the word of God from you both.

    I pray that you and Tina have a wonderful time with your daughter over the next couple of weeks; I know the crew and passengers are going to be blown away by your service, you cannot go wrong for God is with you.

    I have set my mind to thinking and living the true meaning of Christmas this year; for example a pension specialist I introduce to wanted to thank me with a crate of wine of my choice - with the Holy Spirit's involvement he has now purchased 3 places for homeless people at a Crisis Centre instead. They get too feel the love of their fellow man and I avoid having the temptation to drink the planned gift.

    I do not tell you the above to make me feel better, but to show the impact your and John's work is having and the results of God's work.

    All my love for Christmas and 2016.

    John x

  2. Jackie Fairweather

    Hi Mark

    Thank you for this morning.

    I have learnt more from these past weeks at Acres of Diamonds than in the past 12 years that I have been attending Church.

    Praise the Lord!

    Thank you for that Prayer for me this morning. I could here you but I lost contact to reply so I was silent but God knew what I needed, in the second prayer too as I am going for my heart scan tomorrow morning at 8.40.

    My heart has became weaker (apparently) in the past two years but God has given me a Cardiologist lady who is a Christian and believes, as I do, that the scan can improve from last time.

    I cannot and will not let this be a distraction whatever the results, God is in control!

    May Tina and Yourself have a wonderful holiday with your Daughter at Christmas.

    Safe journey and I will be thinking of you all and Praying for you. God Bless

    You asked for a verse in the Bible the one that came to mind is 2 Chronicles 7 v 14

    Thank you again Mark
    Love to you both

  3. Teresa Jones

    Mark, I love reading your service written down. Hearing your words and then reading your words helps me to focus on the messages that you bring to us from God - time and again. I can also read them in a quiet time during the day - inbetween doing business.

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything. As I evolve into a business woman - your words and God's message keep me safe and focused.

    God bless you. Have a wonderful day.

    Teresa x

  4. Sade Mark

    Dear good brother in the lord Jesus Christ our savior

    i pray that the lord will keep you alive to continue to win souls into his kingdom of our lord Jesus Christ with the kind of joy in my heart i am writing you this email

    the bible you sent to me through pastor ify obi has been a great blessings to me each time i read my bible i am blessed afresh and i am able to use my bible to win others for Christ

    brother, do you know what makes me so happy is that i have used my bible to win 4 girls for Christ praise the lord ,thank you very much may the good hand of God continue to rest on you all for ever in Jesus name


    yours sister in Christ
    sade mark

  5. William Akosen

    Dear brethren in the lord

    peace of Christ that passeth all understanding be with you always amen with deep joy of heart i write you this email

    i called brother ify obi to thank him again for the bibles he gave to me

    so he told me that it was you who provided the bibles and he gave me your e mail address to write you and thank you for the bible

    brethren i decided to write you and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the bible you sent to me i dont believe i can ever own a bible of my own but today i have my own bible and i reading it using it for evangelism

    thank you again and may the lord bless you

    William akosen

  6. Shola Oboko

    Dear brother

    peace of Christ be with you all

    i am happy to write and to thank you for the bibles you sent to me through brother ify obi

    i am over whelmed the bible has become my greatest companion

    sister shola oboko

  7. Benson Ojo

    Dear sir

    i don't know were to start thanking you for the bible you sent to me through one evangelist called ify obi

    because of this bible my relationship with the lord Jesus Christ has become so close

    i go to church and prayer meetings with my bible and i read it always

    also i am proud to tell people about God saving grace

    thanks for very much for the bible

    may the lord blessings be upon you
    Benson ojo

  8. Pauline

    Hello and God Bless everyone in Jesus name.

    Thankyou for yesterday, the church with no walls is a truly unique experience. I had such a lovely time and it was just great being in fellowship, which I have not been in a few months. It was so lovely and you all made me so welcome, and encouraged me so much. Thankyou too for a lovely lunch, it was just a wonderful day and I knew as the day progressed that Jesus was there in our midst.

    It has encouraged me so much and a real answer to prayer for a new vision for the church, an on line church and people meeting from all over the country. Wonderful.

    You asked me if I would give a testimony, and that will be fine. I will come before the Lord and ask what He wants me to say, there are just so many testimonies that I could speak about. Of course testimonies are to encourage and build up the fellowship. To talk of the negatives does no good at all.

    This is a journey of course and one learns that God is the ultimate judge of all. I have met so many people in faith, which always starts Do You Know Jesus?

    I could go on and on, I don't want to send you to sleep ZZZZZzzzzzz z z z z so will close now. Have a great day as I know you will, and thankyou so much.

    Yours in Christ,

  9. Joanne Crooks

    I just wanted to thank you and the team for a truly inspirational afternoon! The teaching was superb (not heard John before - he was fab), the testimony was wonderful, communion was a privilege, and the worship emotional.

    I shall certainly be praying for God's help to make the most of the coming opportunities to speak out for Him.

    Thanks for the encouragement. God's church is indeed being built :)

    Have a wonderful bank holiday xxxxx

    Yours in Christ,
    Joanne Crooks